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Why Choose FitOpia Retreats 

FitOpia is more than just a fitness retreat. It's a luxurious escape where you can indulge in every moment of your vacation without a shred of guilt or hesitation. We do not focus on weight loss, rather we allow your body, mind and soul get there with our unique blend of fitness, culture, and adventure activities. 

You'll never be bored, from exploring jungle landscapes to swimming in crystal-clear waters, our carefully crafted activities are designed to keep you engaged, energized, and inspired throughout your stay.

Take a break from the stress of city life and treat yourself to a luxurious getaway with like-minded people who share your passion for fitness and adventure.

Whether you're traveling solo or with a friend, FitOpia offers the perfect environment to focus on your health and well-being in a stress-free environment.

Awesome Team

We bring together the most qualified and experienced trainers that know how to work you hard and still have fun doing it.


We don't only focus on traditional fitness activities, we will keep your body moving through various local and adventurous activities.

Fun Vibes

Our aim is for you to enjoy your time with us, after all it's your vacation! with so many options we guarantee you an awesome time 

Quality is Paramount

 Quality is essential to us, from accommodation selection to food and activities, we aim to ensure the best of quality and service

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Our Current Destinations 

FitOpia Future Destinations 

Saudi_Falling Stones Garden by artist Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, one of the installations at H




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I booked the Maldives with my husband as we wanted to travel and find something that each of us would enjoy. My husband is an athlete so the fitness and active part of the trip is a must. together we enjoyed all the activities such as diving/ snorkeling, fishing, jet skiing and alot beautiful tours. we even had a romantic dinner for our anniversary where the host and resort staff did an amazing job arranging it for us.
We met some great people on the retreat and it was great fun and laughter all around. I would definitely book another retreat with Hiba, it was a different experience for us and we enjoyed it a lot because it took away the hassle of planning. we also were able to do what we wanted to do without feeling guilty/ responsible or obligated to stick together 24/7. I highly recommend it to couples or flying solo.


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