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Frequent Asked Questions

Can I come alone?

Definitely! many guests book solo because they want to focus on themselves and meet new people who share their passion for fitness, adventure and all-around good time.

Would I have time for myself?

Resting is essential to recharge you’re mind and body. This is your experience and nothing on the itinerary is mandatory, you have the choice to engage as much or as little as you want. However you’re feeling throughout your stay make sure to communicate it with our team so we can help you and give you the best experience.

How’s the food experience?

We really want to give you the best wellness experience and we approach our meals as an educational opportunity to guide you into selecting the right meal to match your goal. We will not force you to eat anything specific rather give you all the options of the menu for you to select your heart’s desire. We will be there to guide you should you wish to stick to your goal. We believe that this close to “real life” experience will make you better equipped to approach food when you go back home.

Can I have a drink?

We are not running a "weight-loss' bootcamp, this is your vacation after all and we want you to enjoy yourself. Obviously if you wish to see immediate results, then we would advise against it.

What level of fitness do i need to be to be in?

Absolutely any level. Our certified trainers will tailor sessions to all fitness levels and guide you through your technique. If you have any injuries or limitations, you will be given alternatives to help keep you safe.

Do I need to book my own flights? And where to?

Yes, flights are not included so be sure to book it as early as you can to get the best prices. Be sure to arrive to Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport.

Do I need a Visa?

Yes, you can get visa on arrival VoA once you land, be sure to stop by the VoA desk right before immigration and obtain a visa, it is fairly simple and quick. Alternatively you can now get it online eVoA here is the official link

The cost is IDR 500,000 in cash (approximately USD 35 / AUD 50) per person but should be paid in IDR in cash or by card for other currencies

Do I have to book my own transfer?

No, we will arrange your own private transport for you from and to hotel, just let us know your arrival details so we can arrange everything. This is part of your package so no additional cost will incur.

Can I arrive early or check-out late?

We can’t guarantee the availability from resort but we can inquire for you. Just know that any expenses outside of the package will come with additional payment and subject to availability.

Do I need to bring cash

Everybody is a millionaire in Bali! Most major locations have card machines, if you want to indulge beyond what we offer in the package; however, it is best to bring in some local currency for gratuity to locals ($7 in local currency is a great tip IDR100K) Bali thrives on tourism and with covid the locals have suffered, any gratuity they get they will greatly appreciate.

Do you still have any question?

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