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Online Goods Refund Policy:

If you would like to refund your eBook purchase, we will be happy to do so if your request fits the following criteria:

  • You have 14 calendar days to return an eBook from the date you purchased it.

  • You have not viewed or printed, in total, more than twenty percent (10%) of the eBook.

  • You have not used any included access codes for any online resource that came with your eBook purchase.

  • You have not previously returned the same eBook from a prior purchase.

  • You have not purchased the ebook at a discounted price

To request a refund, please email us directly at:


Refund will be to your payment method minus any bank charges.

Please include your order number and reason for cancellation when contacting us so we can assist with your request as efficiently as possible.  If you have purchased an eBook from another vendor, you will need to contact them directly to request a refund. We are only able to refund purchases made from


FitOpia Trips Terms and Conditions


When you make a booking, you confirm that you have the authority to accept and do accept these conditions on your behalf and on behalf of all members of your party and further, if you are making a booking for more than one person, that you are responsible for all payments due from each and every member of your party. It is your responsibility to ensure that any information which you give us is accurate and that information which is given to you by us or any of our suppliers is passed on to all members of your party.

When you make your booking, you must pay the relevant deposit as specified at the time of booking. No contract will come into existence until we accept your booking and we receive your deposit or full payment in cleared funds and issue you with a confirmation invoice either on behalf of ourselves or the supplier in question. Please check that all names, dates and timings are correct on receipt of all documents and advise us of any errors immediately, as changes cannot be made later and it may harm your rights if we are not notified of any inaccuracies in any document immediately. Please ensure that the names given are the same as in the relevant passport. We will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and sanctioned countries

Customer using the website who are Minor /under the age of 18 shall not register as a User of the website and shall not transact on or use the website. Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account.


If you have any medical condition that affect your physical or mental health you must disclose this information at booking time and you must obtain approval from your physician that you are fit to withstand a fitness and active vacation. It is also your responsibility to manage your medication and book health insurance that works in the destination you’re booking in.


Our aim is to have a great time and keep the group spirit collectively in an upbeat and friendly vibe. Please be aware that your booking can be terminated, with no refund, if your behaviour disrupts the status quo or falls below an acceptable standard. You will also be required to pay for any damage you cause to the accommodation or services during your stay. We are under no obligation to you if any event such as this occurs. You agree to indemnify us for the full amount of any claim (including all legal costs) made against us by the supplier or any third party as a result of your conduct.


Payment online are made in USD or AED. We accept Visa, Mastercard via an invoice link sent to you or via a bank transfer (RAKBANK) should you choose it for your payment method. 

To reserve a spot on a specified retreat, a non-refundable booking fee of USD $400 is required upon booking. After a confirmation has been emailed to you OR a representative from FitOpia Retreats calls you to confirm your reservation, a courtesy hold requires payment within 3 working days to secure the reservation. Full payment (the balance) must be made within 60 days of the retreat start date. Prices are based per person, twin share (share with another retreat guest or bring a friend/partner) or for private rooms where specified. Packages DO NOT include flights. Clients must have adequate travel insurance to cover all activities listed.


When you book a Package with us, you must pay either a deposit or the full balance of the total advertised price, if booking within 8 weeks of departure or booking via the website. Where you pay only a deposit at the time of booking, full payment is due no later than 60 days prior to departure.

Occasionally some of the packages we offer are based on promotional fares or include special offers at hotels where it is necessary to pay the accommodations special offer in part or in full at the time of booking, and where those suppliers concerned have booking conditions different to ours. In these circumstances the deposit payment will be the value of the pre-payment amount required for the special offer. The deposit will be non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

We reserve the right to amend the price of unsold holidays at any time and correct errors in the prices of confirmed retreats. Due to commercial and marketing reasons we reserve the right to amend/change the price of the package on individual case regardless of the price we agreed on for your package and we will not entertain or renegotiate the price difference for your agreed booking price. The price of your confirmed Package is subject at all times to changes in transport costs such as fuel, and any changes in the currency exchange used to calculate your arrangements and to rates, dues, taxes or fees chargeable for services.

We will absorb and you will not be charged for any increase equivalent to 2% of the price of your travel arrangements.


Once the payment is made, the confirmation notice will be sent to the client via email within 24 hours of receipt of payment.



All credits and vouchers are not redeemable for cash or refund. You can however use it in full on any of our retreats


“Cancellation” is defined as not attending your scheduled retreat, including postponing or rescheduling. “You” refers to the guest booking a FitOpia retreat. “We” refers to FitOpia Retreats. It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. We understand that unexpected things do happen, so please consider purchasing travel cancellation insurance.


If you wish to cancel your retreat you must notify by email. Once we’ve received your notice, cancellation will take effect. Depending on when you cancel, cancellation fees may apply.

Due to our need to commit to accommodation and other arrangements in advance, exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason. Please NOTE that we employ a strict NO REFUND POLICY. Due to the nature of the business and FitOpia Retreats incurring costs immediately upon a customer’s acceptance and payment, FitOpia Retreats  reserves the right not to refund monies under any circumstances.

We do not offer credit for arriving late or leaving early.

Fees are determined by the following schedule (“the Cancellation fee schedule”):

  • If you cancel 60 days or more before your retreat start date, you will be credited the amount (monetary value) as a voucher to be used within 12 months at any of our future retreats.

  • If you cancel 60 days or less before your retreat start date, you will forfeit your entire payment.


We will do our best to make sure all our retreats run without disruption. However, your safety is our priority. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a retreat whether it be due to natural disaster, illness, civil unrest, or any other unforeseen circumstance out of our hands, participants may transfer their deposit to a future retreat (within 12 months). While we help out as much as we can during this process, we have to be super clear so we're on the same page - In the event of a cancelled retreat, FitOpia Retreats is not liable for any refunds or reimbursements. Participants can however lodge a claim with their travel insurance company for a refund or reimbursement. Travel insurance is a real must to protect you from any unforeseen events.



FitOpia Retreats reserve the right to make changes deemed necessary by our team, retreat leaders, teachers or partners prior to retreat start date. In the event that we need to make a change to the venue, the teacher, the itinerary, any other aspect of the retreat, whether it be due to unforeseen circumstances like weather, natural disaster, illness, civil unrest, death, closure, 3rd party cancelation or any other unforeseen circumstance, guests may transfer their deposit to a future retreat where trip start date is within 12 months from the start date of the current retreat. All other payments will be forfeited and FitOpia Retreats will not be liable for refunding or reimbursing any amount beyond the transfer of the deposit. FitOpia Retreats is not responsible for reimbursing you or refunding you for any amount paid if you decide to cancel based on these changes. This is the responsibility of your chosen Travel Insurance company and policy. Please note that we require travel insurance so that you can make a claim based on the changes and have your expenses reimbursed by the travel insurance that we require for exactly this reason in addition to other medical and travel complications that may occur. You will not be entitled to claim any additional amounts or seek any compensation for any loss, expenses or damage (either direct or consequential) or for any loss of time or inconvenience which may result from such cancellation (including but not limited to visa, passport and vaccination charges, or departure, gear purchases, airport and airline taxes).



It is the responsibility of each participant to inquire about and obtain a valid passport, visa(s) and necessary certificates for any country to be visited in connection with an FitOpia Retreats.

FitOpia Retreats will not be liable for any compensation. 


Travel insurance for all FitOpia Retreats trips are mandatory, whether you are traveling overseas or based in the country. It is vital that travel insurance covers participant for the location and dates of retreat and includes medical coverage and natural disaster coverage. We highly recommend that you add 'Cancel for Any Reason' to your policy to receive financial compensation for any reason. For example, you'll be covered if something comes up, a family emergency, a new job opportunity, or if FitOpia Retreats has to cancel due to weather, staff injury, staff illness or other unforeseen reasons. Although normal trip cancellation will cover you for illness or injury, or for a travel companion's illness, injury or death, it is limited to these. 



It is the responsibility of each traveler to obtain all required travel documents including Visas and other travel documents unless otherwise noted. Information regarding necessary documentation is provided per retreat on our website or you can contact us for more detailed information regarding your retreat requirements. It is your responsibility to purchase correct immunisations. Please contact your nearest travel clinic for the latest requirements.


Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions we will not be liable or pay you compensation if our contractual obligations to you are affected by any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. These events can include, but are not limited to war, threat of war, civil strife, terrorist activity and its consequences or the threat of such activity, riot, the act of any government or other national or local authority including port or river authorities, industrial dispute, lock closure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, chemical or biological disaster and all similar events outside our control or the control of the supplier concerned



FitOpia Retreats holds no responsibility for the actions or omissions of third parties or independent contractors, including in the event that they modify the nature of a service on a retreat as compared with the advertised nature of the service.



You acknowledge that during a retreat you participate voluntarily in any and all activities arranged by the

Although FitOpia Retreats has taken reasonable steps to ensure safety, I (the retreat participant) acknowledge that this activity has risks, including certain risks which cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of this activity. The same elements that contribute to the unique character of this activity can cause loss or damage to the Participant including accidental injury, illness or in extreme cases, permanent trauma, disability or death and also can cause damage to or loss of property. The following describes some, but not all, of those risks.

Activities vary from retreat to retreat and may include but are not limited to: hiking, zip-lining and climbing in a wide variety of environments including on rock, snow and ice; bicycling on trails and roads with a wide range of surface conditions and traffic volume; rock climbing, climbing on climbing apparatus and ropes courses, using zip-wires and rope swings; white-water rafting, river kayaking, sea-kayaking and canoeing; swimming, snorkeling and surfing; fishing.

FitOpia Retreats can involve travel to remote places, oftentimes many hours from medical facilities. Transportation, evacuations and medical care can be significantly delayed; communication can be delayed, limited or not available.

Environmental risks and hazards include rapidly moving, deep or cold water; insects, snakes and predators, including large animals; falling and rolling rock; lightning, flash floods and unpredictable forces of nature, including weather which may change to extreme conditions without warning. Possible injuries and illnesses include hypothermia, frostbite, high altitude illnesses, sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration and other mild or serious conditions.

Throughout the retreat, participants are responsible for their own safety.

I (the retreat participant) acknowledge and understand that FitOpia Retreats retreats include risks of injury or death to participants. I understand the description above of these risks is not complete and that other unknown or unanticipated risks may result in property loss, injury or death. I agree to assume responsibility for the inherent risks identified herein and those inherent risks not specifically identified. I acknowledge that participation in this activity is purely voluntary, no one is forcing participation and participation is elected with full knowledge of the inherent risks. I (the retreat participant) assume and accept full responsibility for any injury, death, loss of personal property, and expenses suffered as a result of those inherent risks and dangers identified above, and those inherent risks and dangers not specifically identified and as a result of my negligence in participating in this activity.




DECLARATION OF HEALTH. By accepting this Tour Participant Agreement, I (the retreat participant) represent that I have no physical conditions or medical precautions which would adversely affect my ability to take part in the fitness and adventure programs and activities or other physical or cultural activities offered on FitOpia Retreats. I fully understand that my participation in the program or other activities could be injurious to my health and I voluntarily assume all risks related to such activities.

PERSONAL RELEASE. By agreeing to the terms outlined here and elsewhere on the FitOpia Retreats website I hereby release and discharge my rights and claims for damages or liabilities that may occur as a result of participation on a FitOpia Retreats, including but not limited to damages as a result of unexpected occurrences including those from weather, local political situations, wildlife or uncontrollable acts of God, including the risk of death. I release FitOpia Retreats including its owners, directors, employees, guides, coaches, teachers and partners from liability for personal injury, illness, emotional damage, incurred travel expenses or property damage I may incur as a result of participation on this retreat. For the benefit of everyone on your retreat, FitOpia Retreats reserve the right to accept or reject any participant at any time without liability, and in the event, it determines, in its sole and exclusive discretion, that a participant is disruptive to the harmony of the retreat, it may without any obligation to pay a refund or any other amount whatsoever, expel such participant from the retreat. FitOpia Retreats will carry no responsibility or liability for any participant who leaves the retreat prior to its conclusion or for any activity undertaken by any participant which is not included on the retreat itinerary.


 FitOpia Retreats LLC-FZ” maintains the Website.

United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile.

These terms and conditions are governed by United Arab Emirate law and any dispute arising between the parties is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of United Arab Emirate.



I hereby grant FitOpia Retreats the irrevocable right and permission of photographs and/or video recordings of me taken during my stay at FitOpia Retreats to use / republish / copyright, etc. for commercial use in association with FitOpia Retreats’ business without compensation to me. 

I understand and agree that such photographs and/or video recordings of me may be placed on the Internet.  I also understand and agree that I may be identified by name and/or title in printed, Internet or broadcast information that might accompany the photographs and/or video recordings of me.  I waive the right to approve the final product.  I agree that all such portraits, pictures, photographs, video and digital files are and shall remain the property of FitOpia Retreats. 


I hereby release and discharge FitOpia Retreats from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the photographs and video footage, including without limitation any and all claims for libel or invasion of privacy.

By booking into a retreat, you agree to all policies above. For any questions or queries, please email us.

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